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GAH! And also, BLURGH!

Apologies to all the people I owe replies - especially vanillafluffy @ comment_fic and starkandbanner for your PMs - but I have a COLD. :( Today is the first day since *last* Friday I've actually had coherent thoughts. (When I tell you I haven't even been reading anything...)

Summer Colds are miserable, evil things at the best of times.

Summer colds when you already have chronic health problems? If you have anything chronically wrong, your immune system is already under pressure and probably not at full capacity. Add in being house-bound for long periods of time and thus not exposed to as many germs and between the two, you *will* catch anything and everything doing the rounds.

And when you are coping with pain, fatigue &co on a daily basis anyway, your capacity to *deal* with even a minor illness is vastly reduced. I used to *work* with colds, sometimes even flu (once I was over the worst feverishness) as long as I didn't have any secondary infections, and sometimes even when *on* antibiotics if it wasn't a chest infection I was likely to spread with every cough. I remember being vastly put out when my boss once insisted on me going off sick; because it was "just a cold". But others had complained they were all going to get it with me sitting there coughing and sneezing. And in teaching - with the troubles of getting supply teachers - you had to be half dead to excuse you phoning in sick! (Teaching when you've lost your voice to laryngitis is an *interesting* experience. So is developing pleurisy due to your neglected flu.)

FRIDAY: Go to GP and chemist. Coffee with a friend. Start comment_fic fill. Realise I can't write comment-fic (this prompt wants - deserves - a good, LONG, juicy, meaty fic!). Have to lie down because of huge amounts of leg pain and lose the rest of the day in consequence.

SATURDAY. Storm. Storms also in my head. Ah - the joys of migraine.

SUNDAY: Why am I so sleepy.... And feeling blah?

MONDAY: *coughing* *sneezing* *two boxes of tissues* *DYING*


And so it goes.

HEAD COLD. Earache. Sore throat. I have no voice. I've eaten no "real" food in days (can't face it) just fruit and picked a bit at a stir-fry I made last night - and it's not exactly the weather for "cold" foods like soups etc. Even scotch is a no-go - my throat's so sore it just burnt and had no taste! So it's hot Ribena, ginger tea, lemon and ginger tea, hot lemon and honey, iced lemon juice and lemon sorbet, and stuffing myself with fruit for the vitamin C.

I don't recommend a fever on the hottest day of the year. Beautiful weather - and I'm in bed sneezing, shivering and sweating, alternately throwing the covers off and pulling them back up again and wrapping up warm. Not fun. :(

Still, if I caught it Friday and have had it since Monday, I must be on the turn now, so should be back to being me by Monday with any luck. (Touch wood; cross fingers; touch nose, touch toes; DV; God willing: don't jinx yourself, woman!) If you haven't heard from me by Wednesday and expected/deserve/hoped to, give me a prod. :)


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Aug. 27th, 2016 03:38 am (UTC)
Oh, dear. Colds are never good, of course, but I always feel that summer colds are especially bad and horrible and unfair. Here's hoping you will be yourself again by Monday--and no more colds this year! (Well, one can always wish, right?) *sends healing vibes your way*
Aug. 27th, 2016 09:32 am (UTC)

On the upside, you sound brighter 'in yourself'.

Scotch is terrible for throats anyway - whisky throat is a thing. I recommend dark rum - much kinder (unless you don't like it - of course!).

My patented fever cure-all is a generous tumbler of spirit of your choice, topped up with hot water, honey and lemon. But it might clash with your medication.

Rotten germy luck, I hope your embattled immune system wins the day quickly and you get to at least read, if not write.

When you can't get out physically, mental escape becomes all the more important.

And replies aren't everything - it's a conversation not a game of ping pong - at least you're posting again :0)
Aug. 31st, 2016 09:06 am (UTC)
I hope it is passing and you are feeling more well *huge hugs*
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