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Insta-Rec - "On a Bad Day" by esteefee

esteefeehas done me the ginormous honour of dedicating fic to me for my birthday. I love it and I love her.

Run, do not walk, to go and read "On a Bad Day".

It's an SGA AU, John/Rodney established relationship, but honestly? I don't think you need to know the characters or the fandom to find this beautiful.

John is disabled due to a hip injury... and esteefeeperfectly captures a bad day with chronic pain and mobility issues... and the absolutely perfect *joy* of having someone who helps without healing, by being right there with you. A gorgeous, beautiful hurt/comfort piece.

Guys, I've spoken of my problems so often, here and over at dcs745... but esteefeehas put it all into words far, far better than I am capable of doing.

This fic... is my life. :D

And while you're at it, go read the rest of the Fair Trade 'Verse. It's a wonderful, wonderful (slash) AU. And it is - in my humble opinion - perfectly capable, as an AU, of standing independent of the fandom.

I cannot thank esteefee enough... I have such a wide grin right now, my face hurts, but I also have tears in my eyes, because this fic nails it so, so well. :D


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Aug. 20th, 2011 10:57 pm (UTC)
aw, dear one. I was thinking of you the entire time I wrote it, and hoping you would feel understood. *smishes you up*
Aug. 22nd, 2011 05:31 pm (UTC)

You got it so, so RIGHT, sweetie, and I felt so *GOT*, if you know what I mean. It was just brilliant to have that - the exactness of the feelings, and the BOYS, and John forcing himself to *talk* about it, and Rodney wishing he could fix it and not realising that one of the best fixes in the world is having that one person who puts up with you on a bad day and gives you a place to BE. (I would very much like a Rodney to cuddle with on a bad day ;))

To think that... that you were thinking of *me* and that maybe some of my ranting could *inspire* such a thing? Gorgeous, delightful, surprise!pressie.

Especially with the addition of the inadvertant early (treatment was 5th August) birthday present I got from the NHS - see next post!
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