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I keep meaning to re-blog this...

I have mentioned previously (when she wrote about "Loving the Spacetoaster") that I think thefourthvine is awesomesauce and I love reading her meta/thinky posts.

But just in case there are people on my f'list who do not already know this and follow her LJ or DW, I wanted to highlight her most recent post: "You're Always Coming Out" (I hope she does someday make that post about "The bits about being openly gay that never appear in fic".) Even as someone who does not positively identify as heterosexual, it made me think and rethink.

I don't want to say anything here to distract from that post because it would be apples and oranges, but I am drafting a post about my own experiences of being not!heterosexual. Because now I think about it... yeah. There's stuff I want to point out to *someone*.


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Apr. 14th, 2014 07:16 am (UTC)
Thanks for that link. Fascinating. A friend and I once discussed the whole constantly coming out thing, and how wearing it was for him. He just didn't bother with some people, because he just didn't care enough about them to deal with the palaver of the problem they'd have with it.

An odd thing, though. The question she was asked about whether she was still together with her partner - T and I used to get that. For five years. Until we got married. Maybe people just have to get it into their skulls that queer couples can get married now. Or maybe queerdom or straightdome be damned, and people should stop making shitty assumptions about couples based on a legal ceremony. yeah. That one. Door two.

And... T and I have also been asked whether we're siblings. Maybe it's because we don't wear wedding rings. Maybe it's just that we're both tall and overweight and all fat people look alike.

I don't get people sometimes. I really, really don't.

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