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Hurt/Comfort Bingo Prompt Card

So I signed up for a card in Round 5 of hc_bingo - with vetoes for things like sexual prompts and psychological problems which I either can't write or find triggering. I love hurt/comfort - so long as it's heavy on the comfort/support/healing/coming-to-terms bit - and having read through the complete list of prompts I was really quite excited by some of the possibilities. But typical of my luck, I have three squares I really didn't want (whipping/flogging, robots/androids and corporal punishment) and "arena" which I don't have a clue how to approach. heh. Still, there are several potential bingo lines, even excluding those squares.

BTW - sign-ups are still open and we have until 3 January 2015 to write our fics or meta and make our fanart/icons/vids etc, so it would be great if any of youfelt like doing it too! (I know taste_is_sweet from my f'list has already signed up.) Not all prompt fills have to be in the same fandom and RPF and original fic is also allowed. And, as I said, you can veto a subject area (e.g. ask for a sex-free prompt card, as I did) and up to three individual prompts or if your needs are more specific, the mods are happy to talk to you in email or PM to help you avoid prompts that you really could not write. Even after you get your card, you can PM/email and ask for an alternative prompt if you get an upsetting one. (Though, given the nature of the challenge, you aren't really supposed to do it just because you have no idea how to fill a prompt! Bloody "arena".)

comfort food or item forced to participate in illegal / hurtful activity stranded / survival scenario dungeons scars
fire toothache drowning sacrifice forced to hurt somebody
imprisonment arena WILD CARD whipping / flogging robots / androids
food poisoning blackmail grief blood loss insomnia
corporal punishment falling cuddling begging tyranny / rebellion


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Jun. 29th, 2014 03:21 am (UTC)
Most of those prompts look very cool. :D I hope you have fun with them!

'Arena' for me could mean a battle of wits or even a good argument, as opposed to a typical pit with gladiators or bears fighting to the death (or gladiators and bears fighting to the death). Like with Sherlock. any place he uses his talents could be considered an arena, with his opponent the perpetrator of the crime. Just for example. :)

I've also found that for me, very often the prompts I never thought I could fill either ended up being the ones I thought of something for first. Like Seeds, which I wrote for 'Archaic Medicine' when I first did a H/C Bingo card in 2012. So you might end up surprising yourself. :)
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