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Would anyone be interested - or would it be annoying and knowitall of me - in more Brit-fact (especially London info) posts?

Because, and I know this is a huge personal failing of mine, factual inaccuracies/infelicities in fic can either completely stop me getting into the fic in the first place, or smash the fictive dream into smithereens.

Thinking at the moment in particular about stuff like public transport in London (where places are etc and how to get there) and the use of titles (etc) in the UK...



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Oct. 27th, 2014 10:13 pm (UTC)
Oh, that sort of thing always bugs me too! The number of times Cowley has been knighted... *g* I always think it's good to have that kind of information out there, so if you were up for doing it that'd be brilliant. I'd even try to be organised and link to it from the ci5hq Frequently Asked Questions post... *g*
Oct. 28th, 2014 02:38 am (UTC)
Except, it is less FAQ and more, people have been screwing this up in fic, rather than doing some simple research and I am getting annoyed/frustrated. Especially in current fic when info is usually only a Google away. (Bit different for fic written in the actual 80s)

I started a series of info posts when I was in Sherlock fandom, and people basically jumped on my head about how if people cared or it was important, they would look it up and I was just being a pompous, pedantic, know-all who should jump off a cliff. ("The fandom is more or less American so Brit-picks are not important. And "It's *fic* - give us a break!") So... I'm still not comfortable with linking/posting to comms.

If someone wanted to *rec* one of my posts in their LJ or on a comm, different kettle of fish. But going out there - hell, even doing it here - makes me very anxious.
Oct. 28th, 2014 09:29 am (UTC)
it is less FAQ and more, people have been screwing this up in fic, rather than doing some simple research
Well, to be fair you haven't written it yet, but if it contains information about things that people need to know to write more accurate stories about Pros times, then I'd say it would fit perfectly well into the FAQs. FAQs are information that you don't have, that you wonder "how do I..." about, and although there are always lazy people who can't be bothered, or people who positively choose their imagination over actual background, I think there are far more people who ask questions about it. Not everyone's good at googling or research - and with thousands of useless results being returned for half the things you google, it's hard to blame them for being impatient sometimes. Anything that adds information to what's out there is helpful, imho. And there are places where this information has been gathered for Pros writers, and there are places where people ask questions. There are various Yahoo groups that have had questions thrown at them for a long time (my Yahoo account seems to have been locked up, so I don't see them any more, but they may still be there). ProsLib/Hatstand have good sections of FAQs and information and so on. All designed because people did want to find out about things like that!

There are always going to be people who a) only think of themselves; b) aren't interested in facts or accurate background; c) like stirring just for the sake of it. I'm been bashed by them at various times myself, even in Pros fandom. But it seems to happen less in Pros than I gather it happens in the big current fandoms like Sherlock. People have generally settled down to adoring Pros and just want to get on and have a good time with it all, and read and write decent stories and so on. The resources are out there to help them with it, and people seem generally to find their way to them eventually.

To be honest, I think linking to your post at CI5hq would be very much more under the radar, if that's what makes you anxious, than reccing your post on a currently active lj. The former would lead people who were looking for information to find it in one of the resources that's already out there, the latter would mean people went and looked at your post and considered it in the light of themselves reading a post - more personally. But obviously if you'd rather not be linked then I won't link you!
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