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Meme: Brought To You By The Letter T

EDITED because LJ decided to eat two-thirds of the post between me hitting "post" and it appearing. :( No idea what happened there. (It's like it posted what was saved half hour before I finished writing, but *why*?!)

Meme from moonlightmead:

Something I hate
: Terrorism. Slightly less seriously, The Things Tall people say to short people (e.g. "I didn't see you down there" when they try to walk *through* you.)
Something I love: TEA. THE Professionals (cheating); Tudor England/history/monarchs; Titian; Turner; TRYING to draw and write and watercolour even though I'm terrible; Temgesic (the brand name of my prescribed pain-killers); Talking to interesting people; Teaching; Theology
Somewhere I've been: Trier, Germany; Tel Aviv, Israel; Tottenham, London, Tower of London/Tower Hill (I used to work in an office on Tower Hill as well as visit the Tower)...
Somewhere I'd like to go: Oh, LOADS of places. But Ts? Tokyo (and Kyoto and Osaka and Okinawa and some of the smaller Japanese islands, but they aren't Ts) and ooooh! TUSCANY!
Someone I know: Do surnames count? Thomas and Tilley - but I don't think I *currently* know anyone with a "T" first name. :(
A film/play I liked: THE Magic Flute, THE Pirates of Penzance etc are probably cheating, aren't they? Topsy-Turvy - the G&S film by Mike Leigh (the Minister's wife at my then-church played Sybil Grey/Peep-Bo and I'm a G&S fan, so that was fun); Hmmm, stage? Puccini's Tosca at ENO or Verdi's La Traviata at OHP, I guess. Unfortunately, theatres and cinemas are not great places to be with a bad back/pelvis/leg, especially if they have those "traditional" seats, so I don't get to either much these days. :(

Feel free to give me another letter in comments and/or comment "Give me one!" to get a(nother) letter of your very own.

Random thought of the day: Ann Seaford's gravestone in The Female Factor says she was born in 1945. Sara is revealed to be about 18 years old. So Ann had a child (and by inference from the "lifestyle" comments from Sara's adopted parents, was already "loose living") at 14. That's more child abuse than lifestyle choice IMO. And a great reason why she should be so anti the peddling/prostitution of "girls under age". Wow - a Pros ep where they thought something through! (Or was it an accident?)

In other news, I have only twelve days left to (a) write 9k for getyourwordsout so as to catch up; and (b) decide whether or not I am going to sign up to the ci5_boxoftricks 2015 Big Bang. Do you remember that scene (without story) I put up f'locked and took down again in September 2014, where I whumped Bodie? The mods have kindly said they won't count that as "posted", and I have been playing with finding a story for it. But after what happened last year and my health/life in general, I am worried about signing up for anything with a deadline.

It's Get WIP-ped Into Shape on ushobwri, where we are supposed to finish a WIP this month, but would I be better off seeing what I can do with Bodie!Whump in an effort to have half-a-fic done and sign up for the BB, or finish something shorter like my ITPI-tag or my Winter 1982 fic? (At this rate I'll finish my snowy fic in May.) Any thoughts? Would you like to see odd scenes from the shorter fics while I work (under f'lock) or is there something I've talked about doing that you want to see *done*? (There's also last year's Doyle-centric BB which is still unfinished as I lost the will to do anything when I had to pull out, and the started - proably going to be long - Fantasy AU fic.)

Also, I think I'm getting better at drawing Bodie. And I had another go at Doyle this morning, too.

What do YOU think?

Lewis_Collins_004Attempt-4 at Lewis Collins Martin_Shaw_001Attempt-2 at Martin Shaw

Any thoughts? Should I keep posting "attempts"?


( 8 comments — Leave a comment )
Feb. 17th, 2015 06:34 pm (UTC)
How weird! - I saw the first version, and then came to reply, and yes, something was definitely eaten!

Haha, I think 'the' totally counts. They're all listed under 'the' on AO3, anyway.

Enjoyed the meme answers. You are much more adventurous than me - wanting to see Tokyo and further, wow! I would feel utterly lost in Japan.

Yeah, I thought Ann had to have been underage when pregnant, and I presumed we were meant to infer that.

I haven't decided about the Big Bang either! There is usually a flurry of last minute arrivals. As to posting scenes or stories - I tend not to read a lot of scenes in isolation, to be honest, so I am more likely to read stories.

I think that is a smashing Bodie, yes! And a clearly recognisable Doyle. I am not at all an artist, though, and tend not to like offering comments on art as a result. I had enough trouble in the Pros Pictionary at Bistocon, where Doyle was represented by a sort of curly coil (his hair) and Bodie by a single ^ mark (the eyebrow!)
Feb. 17th, 2015 07:46 pm (UTC)
I grew up with Japanese friends (one of Mum's BFFs is Japanese and has a daughter two years or so younger than I am) and Dad went out there on business a lot at one time. I struggle with the language (I can't read it at all and it has sounds that really don't exist in English, like an F where your teeth don't touch your lip and an R where you don't move your tongue - my Japanese friends have insane giggle at my pronounciation attempts!) But the CULTURE is fascinating and it is a really beautiful country in many places. (But not very disability-friendly, especially in places like Tokyo - they really do employ staff at the stations to push you on the trains to get as many people as possible in the carriages!) The bugger of it is, between airports and aeroplanes, I probably will never get there, with my back. :/

Glad you enjoyed - thanks for the letter. :D

I think that is a smashing Bodie, yes! And a clearly recognisable Doyle. Thank you!

and tend not to like offering comments on art as a result. I used to have an online friend who was (still is) an artist, though, and her comments - when I'd spent three hours trying to draw something so it looked like the original - tended to be technical in the extreme about shading and technique, when I just wanted to know: "Does it look like X, or is it entirely crap?"

You don't have to be an artist to comment on fan-art - or can only writers comment on fic?

I know I'm not brilliant at it - I'm a million miles from Minori or Hisstah. But I do enjoy having a go. On the other hand, though, if no one enjoys, or wants to look at my attempts (and God knows, they are *attempts*) there's not a lot of point in posting them. You know? *Doing* them, yes, that's for me; but I post because I honestly want to know what people think. The right comment might help me realise what I'm doing wrong!

Thanks though for taking time to comment - especialy today. *HUGS*
Feb. 20th, 2015 07:56 am (UTC)
I think that you have caught Bodie's face shape in particular really well, and Doyle's eyes. Well done. Thanks for sharing!
Feb. 20th, 2015 08:10 am (UTC)
Wowsers. :) Thank *you*. The trouble with copying screencaps, I find, is that they are almost never lit as you'd want to ligh a portrait subject. The shadows and chiaroscuro are interesting,, certainly, but they don't help with trying to get a likeness.

If you don't mind me asking, how did you find this? It's too early for the newsletter and I never post to comms. (I realise that every time I post unlocked, anyone can comment. That's the idea of it, after all. But it always throws me. :D)
Feb. 20th, 2015 08:16 am (UTC)
Hello! I found your post because you had commented on londonronnie's post about fanfic (where I have just replied to you, probably as you were replying to me, here! ) I followed you to your journal and saw your art there. :) Oh, I meant to add that I love the texture of Doyle's shirt, too.

Edited at 2015-02-20 08:17 am (UTC)
Feb. 20th, 2015 08:29 am (UTC)
AHA! That's how! Cool - I just wondered. If you can negotiate my insane tags, there are other, earlier, attempts at drawing and one Pros fic so far, as well as rather a lot of my Ponderings.

LOL I cheated with the texture, by drawing on Ingres paper. ;)
Feb. 20th, 2015 08:35 am (UTC)
Well, it really works, and *yes* you should keep posting your art. I have loads and loads and loads of art I've made over the years in loads of fandoms that no one has *ever* seen. How stupid is that??? Keep posting it! :)
Feb. 20th, 2015 02:16 pm (UTC)
Well, it really works, and *yes* you should keep posting your art.

Aww. ::blushes:: Thank you. :) That's so nice to hear.

I have loads and loads and loads of art I've made over the years in loads of fandoms that no one has *ever* seen. How stupid is that???

Well, I don't know about your fan-art, because I've only seen what you've posted, obviously. :) But I can fill entire sketch pads with what are obviously *failed* attempts - where Ray Doyle looks squint-eyed or people identify Benedict Cumberbatch as Matt Smith (oh, wait, I posted that one) or just... well, I *try* but there are many many attempts (including some I've posted in the past) which *don't* work. (Remembering in particular http://mcsmooch.livejournal.com/176974.html (NB before you click, Boys Kissing in the Buff) where I made one of them look like a giraffe with curvature of the spine.)

Doing it doesn't necessarily mean I should be posting it. :D I won't ever stop drawing, but it seems like a waste of time and space to post 'em if people don't want to see 'em. But if you want to see, by all means I will carry on posting! Thanks. :D
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