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I think most of my Pros' f'list are also on ali15son's f'list, but I don't think halotolerant is, so for her sake - and anyone else who hasn't seen ali15son's or byslantedlight's posts:

There is now a sequence of photos which seem to show Lewis pouncing on Martin, to tug him to the ground/wrestle with him, as if they are a couple of kids, during the filming of Weekend in the Country. Individually they are terribly cute, as a sequence it's completely adorable. (Thirteen year olds in the bodies of thirty-somethings. :D)

Boys will be boys! (I do wonder what the horse-handler who is watching them, deadpan and rather bemused, was thinking.)

I mean, I know Lewis Collins was pretty hands-on, but throwing yourself bodily at your co-star is something else!

The behind the scenes snap-shots on the new DVDs/Blu-rays are wonderful - definitely showing two men who were more than just on-screen mates, IMO. LC seems to clown around, MS has warm and indulgent smiles which seem especially for LC...

The big goofy grins together, the goodness knows what they are doing together, the stalking/plotting, sitting very close and sharing bad jokes together (Seriously, I think Ray/Martin's just told Bodie/Lewis the Rare-y Bird Joke or something, there!), piggy-back rides, sleeping together, walking on a five-bar gate together... It may have been bloody hard work, Martin Shaw may have been less than artistically pleased with the show, the character and the writing, but they DO look like they had fun.

Thank you SO much ali15son, for all your posts. :)

And personally, I think all these snaps (and the Season Two ones watteaux has been posting at the_safehouse) are crying out to inspire FIC. Because if Martin and Lewis got up to all this, just how much else were Bodie and Doyle getting up to?! (Also, enquiring minds want to know what was going on in a lot of those snaps...)


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May. 5th, 2015 06:04 pm (UTC)
It's so exciting to see the rest of those pictures, I've been wondering for years what was going on there, and I bet I'm not the only one... *g* I'm also hoping for many more of the LC-giving-MS-a-piggy-back pictures, and I could probably die happy if it turned out there were a series of pictures that accompanied the one in my icon, as well... *g*
May. 6th, 2015 09:30 pm (UTC)
I'm also hoping for many more of the LC-giving-MS-a-piggy-back pictures

Well that one in my links is MS with LC on his back, differences in weight and build notwithstanding! (Though when LC has MS on his back, my good friend 221b_hound commented that it looks so effortless that MS could be made of balloons.)

Seriously, though, so much goofing off together when the cameras weren't rolling. It's just a joy.

May. 6th, 2015 06:47 am (UTC)
you are very welcome ..a big thankyou to actually looking at them and liking them ..thanks so much x
May. 6th, 2015 09:31 pm (UTC)
Thank YOU, love, for all your posts. You make my f'list a happier, prettier and smile-making-er place.
May. 6th, 2015 09:38 am (UTC)
Ooh thank you! I hadn't seen those and they are so lovely *g* The 'pulling over' sequence just makes me grin (such boys!) - I need to rewatch Weekend in the Country too, been too long! - and the 'smiling' ones are so lovely - I just stared for ages grinning myself. It is so interesting to see them behind the scenes (walking on the five bar gate - that's some balance!). And yes, SO inspiring *g* Thank you!
May. 6th, 2015 10:04 pm (UTC)
Several people over the years have made the observation that while girls grow up into women, boys grow up into bigger little boys. Looking at all the shots of these two - who were men in their thirties at the time - I can well believe it.

WitC always reads to me as Bodie and Liz dating just to be able to keep an eye on, and be with, Ray and Judy. (Though seriously, B&D couldn't take one old, injured man with a gun, in the woods, wiithout endangering the girls? Tell me another! Also - http://ali15son.livejournal.com/236288.html , http://ali15son.livejournal.com/234019.html , http://ali15son.livejournal.com/246647.html) In Transmission Order, it's the last on-screen dating either B or D do, so you could also argue it's a pivotal point in the Lads' relationship with each other. ;) You know, if you *wanted* to.

But I really want to know - who, in the break between takes, thought "I can walk on that gate" or else said, "Bet you *can't* walk on it!"?? Who got up on it first? (And I can't but think of the old Music Hall song, "You can't do it sitting on a 5-bar gate", since apparently, they *could*!)

And there are also, on ali15son's journal shots of MS over-balancing and falling/jumping *off* the gate. http://ali15son.livejournal.com/222826.html

(As well as Bodie walking the wall in "Like Gravity", I'm also reminded of them as circus-performers in "Harlequin Airs")

I also meant to link this one and mucked it up - http://ali15son.livejournal.com/225576.html - Lew all smushed up against the door/window. He's going to wake up with some interesting facial creases!

Glad you're inspired. These shots make me want to draw - but if they make you want to write, that would be wonderful. :D
May. 7th, 2015 09:17 am (UTC)
In Transmission Order, it's the last on-screen dating either B or D do, so you could also argue it's a pivotal point in the Lads' relationship with each other.
I didn't know that! That's rather interesting, yes, one could certainly build a nice theory around that *g* I *love* that third photo (of Ray/Martin on a horse with Bodie/Lewis sitting down in front - that could be the basis for a lovely Regency AU book cover with so little modification!)

Yes, it would be lovely to have behind the scenes footage or interviews as well as the photos, as lovely as the photos are. TV may have got worse in many ways over the years, but at least nowadays there tend to be loads of 'extras'!

That photo of Martin falling off the gate is slightly worrying - a man could do himself a nasty injury that way! And oh yes, 'Harlequin Airs' that's such an amazing fic, must re-read that.

They are great fuel to the muse! *g*
May. 7th, 2015 10:07 am (UTC)
With help from moonlightmead I put together a list of girlfriends seen and/or mentioned - http://natsuko1978.livejournal.com/152281.html (And Georgian/Regency AUs are gorgeous things. What do you think, landowner and gamekeeper/estate-manager? Open air romps in the woods? I'd love to see Ray as the rich one, personally. But like Ross Poldark, not too fond of his own social class and powder and patches - all social conscience and wanting the best for the poor folk who live on his land. Maybe Bodie was born to gentry, so can read and write and do the accent, but fell out with his family (stepfather?) and needs to earn a living... )

I'm happy enough with these extras, I have to say. And if not knowing exactly what was going on gets muses working to explain things in a Bodie&/Doyle context, even better. :)

As for MS falling off the gate, from what I've read they forever had minor injuries (twisted ankles, bumped heads etc) and I think Martin was a wee bittie clumsy (I say this as a Martin-fan) - comparing Martin in fight scenes then to the ultra-choreographed/co-ordinated fight scenes these days; and thinking of him headbutting the canal-boat when jumping on board in Blind Run (which always makes me wince); and Martin running the course in the discarded title sequence that's on one episode makes me giggle.

LOL thinking about it - Can you imagine COWLEY though, if Doyle called in, "Sorry, sir. I'm in hospital. I've bust me ankle. How did I do it? Oh... ummm... falling off a gate." ETA (just posted) - http://ali15son.livejournal.com/268233.html#comments (Though personally, I think the order looks wrong - why would he get up on the gate in the middle and then go *back* to the post? I think the one posted third is the first time he over balanced, when he caught himself. You know?)

Edited at 2015-05-07 01:35 pm (UTC)
May. 7th, 2015 03:23 pm (UTC)
Wow, that's an excellent list! And I think proves that none of them ever made a repeat appearance? No wonder one tends to the epic romance as between the lads!

For the Regency AU, going solely by that photo linked above, Bodie looks so nonchalant in his pose, so I think he's the landowner/young master, and maybe Ray either the salt of the earth gamekeeper/estate manager/local farmer (or smuggler? *g*) or possibly another member of the gentry, visiting Bodie's estate for shooting and snuggling. I could really see either of them as a Ross Poldark type, happy to mix with different social groups and intolerant of class nonsense. Which reminds me, I want to read the actual books *adds to list* I was very interested by the characterisation of George Warleggan in the last few BBC episodes, and keen to learn more layers about his background. And yes, beyond the photo, the AU is one's oyster I suppose *g*

The other thing about Martin climbing on the gate is that stars of today would *never* be allowed to do that (I mean they might anyway, but someone would yell not to) - their insurance would be too expensive! *g*
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