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Kid Steve Rogers

From Arrhythmia by agentsimmons aka starkandbanner. Hope Steve's grin brightens your day, sweetie. *HUGS*

(I know I screwed up the foreshortening, but I always screw up *something*. And that's supposed to be a sketch pad he's holding. I'm also not sure if I've made him look too *young* for eleven. :(  Gah. I wish I could draw!)

(click to embiggen, if I remember how to do that)


Apr. 3rd, 2017 05:54 pm (UTC)
aww, I love him! Yes he has brightened my day!

And I can't get anywhere near this level of drawing so in my humble opinion, I wish I could manage even this (there'd be so much art for my own stuff if so lol)! But that's also like a pot/kettle thing for me to say, so I understand that feeling completely.

He looks eleven to me if that helps any. I mean, looks are pretty relative in my experience anyhow. People who don't know me assume I'm in high school or just in college. People who I work with who realize I have to be a little bit older still think I'm just out of college, but always say I look younger than that. They always think I'm lying when I tell them I'm pushing 30. Like I've literally had people's eyes bug out of their head on me when they learn my age. It's... weird. Just in the past 6 months alone I've been told "I thought you were like 22!" at least four times. I feel like a walking Taylor Swift song.

Anyways, eep! I really do love this. I'm so happy little Steve from the story inspired you to draw him at all. I've never had (to my knowledge) anything drawn from any story I've written so you're also the first, but even if that weren't the case, I'd still love it.
May. 2nd, 2017 05:50 pm (UTC)
So glad you like it, hon. *HUGS* I love drawing/painting, but I'm at least somewhat better at copying than creating, not least because I can *see* where the limbs go. The trouble is, there's always a huge gap between what I see in my head and what I manage to get onto paper and drawing actual scenes with several characters and an environment is HARD, dammit. All of which - not to mention an awareness of just how GOOD some fan-art is - usually keeps me from offering art *to* people. So I'm really glad you didn't hate it! :D

People who don't know me assume I'm in high school or just in college.

I have the opposite problem, heh-heh. My elder brother's 12 years older than I am; I've been asked which of us is the oldest. My mum's 31 years older than I am yet invariably when I introduce her to people, they respond, "But you're not old enough!" - so either she looks 10-15 years younger than her age, or I look 10-15 years older than mine. (Someone at my church thought Mum was my *sister*, which would be okay if she had been a young mother, but as it is, was just weird.)


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