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Okay. So the SG Debrief has just announced the existence of a new community - the_fifth_race .  Is this everything that people want from a Writers' Forum?

Personally, while I like the idea of a forum for specific queries, I don't think that encompasses the sort of general ramblings/sharing that I think I'm looking for. And from the look of it I don't think they'd much appreciate people posting WIPs there.

Furthermore, that comm is specifically for SG-1 - do we want a comm that's open to SGA too? Do we want a slash-specific comm or a J/D comm or even a multi-fandom comm? (Given that two people who sounded interested were from the TMNT half of my f'list...)

When we were discussing it here, I said:
"If we can get the people to do it, I think it would be quite interesting to have a comm for WIP discussions. People post a WIP, or part of one, or a completed scene; with their thoughts about what they want to do with it, or their questions about anything they are unsure of. This leads to discussions and idea-swaps, maybe collaborations..."

My basic idea is that you say: "This is what I have, so far. This is what I think I need. This is where I think it's going. What do you guys think?" As etrangerici suggested, it could be like a fic-tree, but with writing advice and squee. I really like that idea. (A forum I'm thinking of in TMNT-dom, which does this sort of thing, also has "Adopt a Plot Bunny" threads, which can be good...)

What do you think? Post is unlocked, so if you think there would be interest from people on your f'lists but not on mine, please point them this way. :D I would really like to do this: but only if it's going to be something which people want.


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