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Thank you for the balloons, soliloquy . I'm not sure why I deserved them, but I appreciate the thought. :D



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Mar. 3rd, 2010 11:21 pm (UTC)
You have always been a nice person to me, and I feel that nice people deserve to have nice things happen to them. :-)

Mar. 4th, 2010 12:51 am (UTC)
Awww, shucks. *blush*

I don't feel I've been very nice/kind to you of late - my own problems with pain and my health/disability have got on top of me so much I haven't tried to help you with yours. :(

Sorry. You are in my prayers, Jenn, I hope so much you find healing and wholeness. I just don't really know what to tell you.

Sometimes, sweetie, pain doesn't leave and you have to learn to live with it and pace your life in respect to it. I really really hope and pray that won't be - isn't - your situation... Don't get discouraged by the bad days and the bad moods and depressions. They will find an answer that lets you live with it - or a cure. :D

If, after 6 years, losing my home and job (and capacity to work) to it and being significantly disabled and mentally affected by my condition and the pain of it... if I can keep going even one day, one hour at a time, let that give you hope and courage.

I am not a strong person. My worst fear would have been to be faced with permanent, debilitating pain with no known cure - and with help, therapy, support and Pain Management Training (and Really Good Drugs) I'm surviving. God knows it isn't easy and I have real LOWS - like the current spell - but I have tools.

You have to be kind to yourself. Pain wears us down - it's depressing and frustrating and exhausting and that all comes out in mood. It sounds as though Mica understands, so please don't be down on yourself.

DO Pace activities. See how long you can do something without any increase of pain - then never do it longer than a few minutes LESS without a break. So if you can type for ten minutes and then the pain gets worse, type for seven, pause, stretch (gently) and go back to it. Don't do something until the pain reaches its limits - ever.

It's not about not doing stuff in the first place - it's about stopping before the pain increases.

DO talk to people - as you are doing in your LJ :D

DO adjust activities. If you go bowling can you play doubles so you only bowl every other ball? On just play one frame?

A slight flare up after the injections is pretty normal - it may well feel different for a while. Don't worry about your Wii Fit scores - just make sure you do a little stretching and exercise everyday - and frequently throughout the day. Take breaks!

Check your posture regularly. Pain warps us, which in turn makes the muscles/tendons/ligaments tight. So frequently adjust, dropping your shoulders, rolling your head until it sits straight on your neck etc.

DO do exercises at your desk at work (and in other places). A thirty second period of tensing and relaxing muscles, rolling joints out and stretching may stop everything bunching up over the course of the day.

DO make sure your pillows etc aren't putting strain on your back/neck/shoulders. DO take time every morning to stretch out slowly before you try to get up.

DO find some relaxation exercises that work for you. Just pausing to Stop, Flop (i.e. slump/relax/go rag-doll like) slowly breathe out, slowly breathe in, shake out and go back to whatever you were doing - YES, even at work! - can slow heart rate and respiration back down and just unwind you before you've gotten too wound up.


I wish I could bring to my Pain Management sessions! I hope some of these tips help.
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