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Pet Peeves (Fanfiction)

My extensive list of pet peeves in TMNT fanfiction was drawn up slowly over a number of years. An equally extensive list of pet peeves in Stargate SG1 fanfiction has taken only a couple of weeks to grow. 

This disturbs me. The most disturbing fact is that the list is continuing to grow on a daily basis.

It makes logical sense. The TMNT fandom contains a far greater proportion of very young, very bad and very young AND very bad fanfic writers for the size of the fandom than the Stargate fandom. Stargate-dom is bigger and due to the nature of the beast the average age and maturity level of the fanfic writers in it is higher. Far fewer fourteen-year-old fangirls who should never be allowed free and easy access to posting fiction online. So far, I have not discovered ONE eight or ten year old "writer" (in the loosest sense of the term).

This means that I have (so far) encountered fewer fics which have been written in defiance of all known human laws of English spelling, grammar and punctuation or the basics of plot and structure.

What it does NOT appear to mean is that the writers know the CHARACTERS any better than TMNT fans know the guys. In some ways it is WORSE - with the turtles most fans are either dealing with kamenoko or characters in their teens or early twenties. The fans are writing about characters in the same age demographic as themselves. 

With Stargate SG-1 Teal'c is a hundred and something, Sam Carter and Daniel are in their thirties (going into forties) and Jack is in his forties and early fifties (depending on Season). It is a stab in the dark but I would guess that the average age of writers in this fandom is lower than the average age of SG-1 - even if one removes Teal'c as skewing the facts.

Jack may have a childish side... but somehow - unless there's something I've missed in the Seasons which did not make it to UK terrestrial TV - I don't really see him using language which I (twenty-five years his junior) only know through my presence in online fandoms. 

Is it me?


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